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ES Digital is an innovative and leading Israeli powerhouse specializing in wide format digital printing, visual merchandising, point of sale (POS) branding and signage.

We offer you the most advanced and ground breaking digital printers in the world. We can print on a wide variety of media at the highest quality, to implement projects at any scale and at the fastest time to market. 

We plan, design, manufacture and install an extensive range of advertising, branding, merchandising and sales materials – on all types of media, tailored precisely to your demands and vision.

As an ES Digital customer, you will benefit from a one stop shop that provides comprehensive solutions for all of your branding and advertising needs, with emphasis on professional excellence, top notch design and uncompromised quality of the final product – accompanied by personal service and close attention to your inputs. 

The state-of-the-art production floor here at ES digital, integrates the cutting-edge of digital printing technology, with most of the printers manufactured by HP. This top of the line equipment enables us to print directly on a huge variety of flexible and rigid media – with extensive post production finishing capabilities: Cutting, shaping, sewing, assembling and more.

Our visual merchandising department specializes in creating stands, packaging and branding items for conventions, exhibitions and shop display – with extensive experience in the worlds of retail, power centers and point of sale branding.

The signage department and our professional workshop produce fully painted artifacts using wood, aluminum, perspex, frameless fixtures, tin, PVC and glass, as well as 3D signs and letters cut, with various lighting possibilities.

ES Digital’s studio team is an ensemble of talented and professional graphic and industrial designers,  that escorts you from initial thinking, thru creation of the needed solution and up to final adjustment of the designed products, best suiting your needs and budget. 

Our customer portfolios consist of many top-tier companies in Israel, who benefit from the most advanced response to any requirement and any specification.


ES Digital presents: Works and projects we have undertaken during the course of many years of professionalism and industry leadership.


Digital Printing
Printing on a variety of flexible and rigid materials, including shaped cutting, enhancements and finishing: , wallpaper, wall stickers (decals), floor stickers, fabric, flexible PVC tarpaulin, PVC sheets, foam board, locobond, glass, cardboard, wood, Formica, aluminum, Perspex, canvas and more.

Point of Sale
Production of branding and marketing materials for points of sale, specializing in the retail, business and institutional markets. our products - Shelf markers, gondola heads, gates, buzzers, packaging, decals, platform stages, dumps, mobiles, jumpers, dividers, stage backdrops, stage scenery and branded display stands.

Visual Merchandising
Development, design and production of unique advertising, shelf and branding products, such as stands, stages, sales promotion products, packaging, boxes and models. At ES Digital we employ talented and professional industrial designers who have extensive experience in the advertising and branding world.

Signage and Installation
Production of signs, at the highest standards, is performed by the leading professionals in their field, who specialize in welding, carpentry, framing, shaping and soldering, utilizing state of the art professional tools, including a huge paint room. In a variety of special tasks: light boxes, three-dimensional letters, locobond and Perspex signs, woodwork, framing and aluminum work.

Conventions and Exhibitions
Planning and production of display fixtures and diverse marketing devices for exhibitions, conventions and events, such as: booths, sales stations, pop-ups, stage backdrops, gates, pillars and more.

Flagship Technology

ES Digital is one of the first companies in the world to implement

HP’s flagship technology for high speed printing using green, odorless ink

on a rich variety of textured wallpapers, fabrics and flags.

Unique Products

Unique Products Planning, development and production of unique advertising products,

as well as three-dimensional products in a wide range of categories

Pickboard Pictures
Pickboard is a unique development of special multi-layered cardboard than can be shaped, folded and glued, enabling direct printing on the material. environmentally friendly products like Pictures and Branded frames which are easy to carry and hang:

PVC carpets
Direct printing on PVC mats without a limit on size, which are suitable for branding toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, homes, offices and points of sale

Large Format 3D
ES Digital has acquired an innovative and unique Israeli development: A large format 3D printer – a product that is exclusive and unprecedented in the 3D world. The printer transforms 3D computer designs into an actual product, up to 1.8m (5'11") high! This groundbreaking printer enables ES Digital to continue to lead in innovation and to provide a creative response to customers, also in 3D domain, particularly in the fields of point of sale branding and visual merchandising. We invite you to gain an impression of the capabilities and products of this printer from the following photographs.

Direct printing on quality wallpapers of different textures by means of the HP LATEX 3500 printer. It utilizes plant based green ink with excellent color qualities and offering high-speed printing. The printer offers a special solution for interior spaces and prints wallpaper at an unsurpassed quality and appearance. For a rapid and perfect upgrade of any room or wall – as a unique response for offices, hotels, supermarket chains, retail chains, educational institutions, private homes and more.

Frameless signs
Development of a light fixture with an aluminum base and LED lighting, with a front sign printed directly on quality fabric that facilitates transmission of light and emphases the graphics. The light fixture can be custom manufactured to any size.

Display devices
Creation of branded display devices customized for any requirement and which are intended for self-assembly. The fixtures include a convenient and lightweight carrying bag.


    HP LATEX 3500
    Massivit 1800
    HP FB7600
    ESKO XP Kongsberg
    HP TJ8600
    HP XP5300


The HP LATEX 3500 is currently considered to be the epitome of wide format digital printing technology, and serves as the flagship printer of the HP Scitex Company for flexible materials. ES Digital was one of the first companies in Europe and the Middle East to acquire and install this innovative printer.

This printer prints on flexible materials such as canvas, decals, wallpapers of various textures, fabric, flags, banners, PVC tarpaulins and many other flexible materials with the highest quality printing.

The printer utilizes latex ink, which is regarded as the greenest ink in this field, and which is odorless and dries instantly with excellent durability of up to two years in exterior conditions.

With a production capacity of up to 180 square meters per hour, and with a printing width of up to 3.2 meters, this printer offers an option of printing two rolls in parallel.


Massivit 1800 – Large Format Three-Dimensional Digital Printer

ES Digital continues to lead at the forefront of technology, while expanding into a new dimension by means of a unique and innovative Israeli product: a large format three-dimensional printer, developed by the Israeli start-up company Massivit – an exclusive and original development in the three-dimensional printing world.

The printer prints plastic material and generates three-dimensional models of up to 1.8 meters in height, 1.5 meters in width and 1.2 meters in depth. The plastic material can be painted, and branding stickers can be attached.

Since the material is translucent, light fixtures of various shapes and sizes can be constructed from it, and it can be printed in various thicknesses and strengths, according to requirements.


HP FB 7600

A dedicated printer for direct printing, using up to eight colors, on a huge variety of rigid materials, such as: foamboard, PVC, Perspex, locoboard, aluminum, wood, glass, linoleum, different types of cardboard and more – up to 1.65 meters by 3.20 meters at a very high speed of about 500 square meters per hour and at a resolution of 1,200 dpi.

The printer utilizes environmentally friendly UV ink and facilitates glossy, matte and selective UV printing.



ESKO XP Kongsberg

ES Digital operates two cutting machines manufactured by the international ESKO Company, a leader in the field of digital cutting tables.

XP 44 machine | XP 24 machine

These cutting machines facilitate full production work 24 hours per day at a cutting speed of up to 100 meters per minute.

Maximum cutting sizes for the two machines are 1.70 meters by 3.20 meters (XP 24) and 2.20 meters by 3.20 meters (XP 44).

The cutting tables were designed to precisely handle even the most challenging materials.

Together the two machines can fully handle diverse rigid materials, such as: various types of cardboard, foamboard, Perspex, different packaging materials, aluminum, lockbond, PVC and more.

These machines complement the production capabilities of ES Digital and enable us to supply you, the customer, high quality printing on a rigid base including shaped cutting at short supply times.



HP TJ 8600

A dedicated printer for direct printing on a wide variety of flexible materials, such as paper, stickers, canvas, and more – up to a size of 1.65 meters by 3.70 meters, at a maximum speed of about 488 square meters per hour at a resolution of 600 dpi.

The printer utilizes environmentally friendly UV ink and facilitates glossy, matte and selective UV printing.



HP XP 5300


A dedicated printer for direct printing on a wide variety of flexible materials, such as PVC tarpaulins, fabric, netting, canvas, and more – up to 5 meters in width and an unlimited length, at a maximum speed of about 300 square meters per hour at a resolution of up to 360 dpi.

The printer utilizes environmentally friendly UV ink and facilitates glossy or matte printing.



This is a printer for high quality printing on flexible materials such as: canvas, roll-ups, or vinyl stickers, without dedicated coating, at a size of up to 1.60 meters by 1.40 meters at a highest quality resolution of 1,440 dpi.

The printer is extremely reliable and is suitable for durable printing for both interior and exterior conditions.



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